Accelerate keynote sessions enlightened, entertained and enabled attendees to build, strengthen and improve their security senses. We assembled an intriguing line-up of speakers to share insights, broaden your understanding and help you Rise Above.


America's Got Talent Star, Yusaku Mochizuki
America’s Got Talent star, Yusaku Mochizuki, opens Accelerate with a live performance that  incorporates dance, video art, LED diabolos, digital poi sticks, and more.
"You think you've seen absolutely everything, and then there's Mochi and you realize you ain't seen nothing yet!"
- Howie Mandel


Former Astronaut Jerry M. Linenger

TEDx speaker and former astronaut Jerry M. Linenger closes on his experience Rising Above challenges during his time in a Russian space station including life-threating events and accomplishing the mission goals.

Day 1 - Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Founder, Chairman of the Board, & CEO
We are in the midst of a technological revolution that is changing the threat landscape. This hyperconnected world will bring together data and computation with billions of devices; distributed through a ubiquitous security-driven network.  This network will become the underlying fabric of an entire ecosystem, made up of fully-connected intelligent sensors and devices that have no boundaries. This paradigm shift requires a third-generation of security that is content and application based a...(read more)
Sr. Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Support
Over the next 10 years, digital transformation is expected to unlock an estimated $10 trillion of value for business and wider society. Davos 2019 has clearly established security as a strategic contribution for unlocking that value, putting a safe digital transformation at the heart of three major drivers; Education, Ecosystem, and Technology. Learn how Fortinet is delivering unprecedented value on those three domains setting new industry standards and helping our customers and partners re...(read more)
Executive Vice President, Products and Solutions
IoT, IP enabled Operational Technology, Software Defined Networks and Multicloud are key tenants of a hybrid world. However this rapid evolution of the Infrastructure has expanded the Digital Attack Surface, increasing complexity brought on by the implementation of too many independent security solutions. To counter these challenges, Fortinet pioneered and is leading the 3rd and latest generation of Cybersecurity security delivered through its Security Fabric. The Fortinet Security Fabr...(read more)
Chief Information Security Officer
In this session, a panel of leading security experts will be joining Phil Quade to discuss the Fortinet CISO's forthcoming new book, ‘The Digital Big Bang.’ Most of human history is a story of superstition and survival. It was only when we started paying attention to the core elements of the Universe, and developed the scientific method to understand and leverage how they worked together, that we finally became masters of our world. Likewise, for most of the information age, sec...(read more)

Additional Speakers

Vice President, Security Solutions
Chief Technology Officer
Director of Network and Connectivity Solutions
Alaska Airlines
Vice President Information Security

Day 2 - Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Whether you’ve been flabbergasted or capti...(read more)

Additional Speakers

Chief Technology Evangelist for Cybersecurity
Senior Executive Advisor and former Vice Chairman
Booz Allen Hamilton
Senior Retail Network Strategist
Sonic Drive-in
Head of Telecommunication
innogy SE
Executive Vice President, Products and Solutions
John Maddison will be joined on stage by Darren Turnbull and Robert May for live product demonstrations.
Astronaut and Hero
TEDx speaker and former astronaut Jerry M. Linegar closes on his experience Rising Above challenges during his time in a Russian space station including life-threating events and accomplishing the mission goals.