Rapid Response with FortiSOAR
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Amit Jain
Security Operations teams face an ongoing challenge of balancing their need to adapt to the evolving threat landscape and addressing existing operational complexities. Countering the sophistication of today’s attackers has required organizations to deploy a multitude of technologies. However, this approach often leads to a complex multivendor infrastructure that lacks seamless coordination or integration. The result is a fragmented threat response due to countless lengthy manual workflows, decentralized processes, and the inability to truly streamline team collaboration efforts – creating further friction for organizations already battling alert volume and cybersecurity talent shortages. And these slowed response times and operational difficulties ultimately impact security operations center (SOC) teams and reduce mean-time-to-respond. FortiSOAR enables enterprises at higher stages of maturity to harmonize team collaboration, visibility, and SOC automation for improved security efficiency. SOC teams are not only able to streamline and accelerate their incident response processes, but also reduce their mean-time-to-respond, thereby reducing the impact of a security incident. Join us to learn how customers utilize FortiSOAR to remedy the complexities in many mature SOC environments, discover what’s new in FortiSOAR 7.0, and see how you can ensure rapid response while optimizing your security operations.
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Fabric Management Center SOC