Expanding Visibility Beyond the Network: Leveraging FortiMonitor
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Ben Wilson Satish Veerapuneni
In today’s remote workforce, it’s become critical for organizations to understand complex IT environments that modern applications and services run on. Network Operations Center (NOC) teams rely on the insights that their infrastructure monitoring platforms provide in order to track availability, performance, security and quality of an application. These become crucial factors that impact and dictate the end-user experience. As enterprise and service providers attempt to monitor these various aspects—in and outside of their network—it becomes increasingly difficult to consolidate the products they use. Traditionally, monitoring products are segmented by a particular element of insight, such as security or network traffic. This results in fragmented monitoring efforts, repetitive manual workflows, decentralized operations and lack of streamlined team collaboration—all key factors that limit overall IT practitioner’s visibility internal and external to the network. In this session, learn about Fortinet’s new Network Performance Monitoring (NPMD) and Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution, FortiMonitor. Discover how it can be leveraged for monitoring the full end-to-end user experience, unifying operations, deep analysis in both network health metrics and application performance. Empowering organizations to Identify potential issues that impact users, before they even happen.
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Fabric Management Center NOC