AI and the Hybrid Paradigm: The Future of Unified Cybersecurity 

In today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, where generative AI and hybrid infrastructures present new challenges and complexities, teams find themselves at a pivotal crossroads. The adoption of new devices, increasingly hybrid environments, and a largely remote workforce require organizations to implement interconnected solutions, shifting away from traditional security measures. Enter the FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)—not just a firewall, but the cornerstone of a comprehensive cybersecurity platform harnessing the power to fight AI with AI for advanced threat protection. In this session, see how Fortinet offers an exclusive look into how a customer mastered the balance of on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Discover how the team used FortiGate firewalls to revolutionize their security strategy. Learn about their journey from conventional defense mechanisms to a dynamic, platform-centric approach, enabling robust protection, seamless unified policy integration, and unprecedented visibility and flexibility.

Successfully Deploy Secure Intelligent Connectivity for the LAN and WLAN

Networks are the lifeblood of every company but securing them is an ongoing challenge. By converging networking and security into a single platform, Fortinet is able to offer secure connectivity at the LAN and WLAN with simplified management and intelligence built in at all levels. In this session, hear directly from Fortinet customers who have deployed Fortinet LAN and WLAN, the outcomes they achieved, and the business value that they generated.

Navigating Digital Acceleration: A Journey with FortiManager's Unified Management Platform

As organizations embrace digital acceleration, they unintentionally create complex, vulnerable network environments that are difficult to secure. Learn about the compelling journey of our customer, as they adeptly navigated this challenge by enhancing their processes and policies and implementing automation. Armed with Fortinet's powerful, single-pane-of-glass management platform, FortiManager, the team created a secure, flexible, and consistent access environment for applications, devices, and services security across data centers, multiple campuses, and branch locations. This unified, centralized console has helped the customer achieve operational efficiency with network and security automation, ultimately reducing their security risk by ensuring consistent, automated security policy updates.

Harnessing the Power of AI and ML within FortiGuard Services for Optimal Protection

Security teams can use AI and ML together to counter AI-driven cyber threats by quickly remediating anomalies, identifying attack techniques, and strengthening defenses. When combined with FortiGuard Services, these technologies empower proactive responses, keeping you ahead of evolving threats. Join this session to hear firsthand insights from Fortinet customers on how to use these services to thwart potential security risks and mitigate the most critical outcomes.

Secure the Unseen: Elevate Network Defense with NAC & FortiGuard Solutions

Unseen devices can't be protected. However, 60% of organizations don’t have full visibility into all the devices connected to their network. Join our session to explore the essential device Zero Trust strategies for today's complex networks. You’ll hear directly from Fortinet customers who’ve used Network Access Control (NAC), along with insights as to how it helps them achieve complete visibility across all devices (including BYOD, IoT, and OT), identify them, and control their access to the network. Witness how integrating NAC with FortiGuard Attack Surface Security Service helps to track device security posture, orchestrate incident response, and adapt policies in real-time. Don't miss the chance to learn tips and tricks to take your network protection to the next level.

Your SASE and Zero Trust Journey, Reimagined—Select the Fastest Path to your SASE Destination  

Upper Grand District School Board

Wellington Catholic District School Board

Delving into the intricacies of SASE reimagined, we navigate the landscape of SSE and SD-WAN, emphasizing the crucial need for an integrated approach to deliver a single-vendor SASE solution. As organizations seek the fastest path to their SASE destination, this session is the only guide you’ll need, unraveling key strategies, insights, and practical considerations for using FortiSASE. Join us on this expedition as we redefine security architectures, adapt to digital innovations, and pave the way for a future where trust is earned at every connection point. 

Optimizing the Distributed Edge with Secure SD-WAN and 5G

As organizations embrace digital innovations to improve operations and deliver impeccable end-user experiences, point products can hinder progress. With distributed network edges, users, and applications spread everywhere, employing seamless connectivity, robust security, and the transformative potential of 5G are crucial for success. In this session, learn how Fortinet is pioneering the creation of secure, distributed edges by combining Secure SD-WAN and 5G/LTE Wireless WAN in a single platform, where the orchestration, connection, security, and monitoring of traffic are effortlessly automated. 

Optimizing Investments to Maximize Digital Acceleration  

It’s no secret that digital acceleration is a journey of continual evolution and transformation for organizations. Needs and requirements change over time as organizations adapt their environments and deployments to meet new demands and address emerging challenges. To secure such dynamic environments, organizations must consider their investment strategies alongside product decisions to balance and optimize their investment outcomes.

This session will help you understand key considerations for managing digital acceleration costs, particularly if you have a cloud or hybrid environment. We’ll discuss when to choose usage-based licensing over traditional, term-based licenses; key things to look for when considering usage-based licensing approaches for security solutions; and how Fortinet empowers organizations to secure their digital acceleration journey.

Securing the Anywhere Workforce: How to Achieve Zero Trust Nirvana with Universal ZTNA

Empower your hybrid workforce with Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Join this session to learn how to reduce your attack surface with identity and contextual verifications for users and devices for application access, as well as how to create a frictionless employee experience with instant access to apps, streamlined workflows, and boosted productivity. Fortinet customers will also share how they were able to simplify IT management with centralized control and a unified agent, and consistently deploy security policies to support the hybrid workforce.

Network Security in the Cloud  

Cloud computing can be just as secure as traditional, on-premises computing. But there are challenges to be aware of and best practices to be followed. This session will review the challenges of cloud computing in light of recent trends in security. Best practices for network security in the cloud will be discussed. We’ll also share real-world examples of how Fortinet customers have tackled the challenges of network security in the age of cloud computing. 

Unified Application Protection, From the Ground to the Cloud 

Securing modern applications is getting increasingly complex with multiple environments, emerging architectures, API interconnected services, and the evolution of the threat landscape. Consequently, the application attack surface expands, and more blind spots are created. Come see Fortinet’s vision for secured application delivery across data centers and cloud infrastructures. Learn about our core product strategy initiatives: Solution consolidation, machine learning, and ease of use. Learn how Fortinet translates these initiatives to overcome common threats to web applications and APIs and mitigate bot attacks anywhere applications live, with various deployment and consumption modes. 

Protecting Your SaaS Applications with CASB and DLP Through a SASE Lens

Given the explosion of SaaS applications like Zoom, Slack, O365, Salesforce, Workday, and more, SaaS usage is a daily part of our lives. As a result, security practitioners must understand if users are accessing unsanctioned applications and sharing confidential data. That’s where a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) comes in. This session will cover how Fortinet can deliver a holistic approach to CASB and how data loss (DLP) is ingrained. Learn how CASB and DLP solutions give organizations peace of mind and stronger security for employees accessing SaaS applications.  

Empowering Web Security in the Office with Next-Generation Secure Web Gateway Technology 

It’s no secret that cyber attacks are on the rise, and attackers are keen to target users who are accessing the internet from unprotected devices. Fortinet Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is constantly evolving to protect against the latest threats using the newest technologies. Learn about the latest Fortinet proxy capabilities and hear from one of our customers about how dedicating Fortinet next-generation SWG to web security—as opposed to relying on a firewall to protect both the network and web—allowed them to improve overall security, enhance network performance, and augment user experience. Learn about the business outcomes they achieved and the value they got from deploying Fortinet SWG on their premises.

Outbreak Readiness: Leveraging FortiDeceptor, SOAR, SIEM, and FortiAnalyzer for Continuous Validation of Security Controls  

Step into the forefront of cybersecurity with FortiGuard's Outbreak Services.

This session unveils the collaborative power of FortiDeceptor, SOAR, SIEM, 
and FortiAnalyzer, forming a robust defense ecosystem. These tools are not 
just individual solutions; they represent a unified front to rapidly leverage 
threat intelligence from outbreaks, ensuring that your security posture aligns with your assumed risk.

By harnessing these tools, organizations can proactively identify vulnerabilities, streamline threat detection, and enhance response strategies, thereby maintaining a resilient and adaptive security posture.

In today's fast-evolving threat landscape, the ability to quickly interpret 
and act on intelligence is paramount. Fortinet's partnershps and integration with leading initiatives like MITRE CTID and EPSS into our prodcuts is a strategic move to stay ahead of threats.

The AI Edge: Transforming Your Security Operations with FortiAnalyzer and FortiSIEM

Delve into how FortiAnalyzer and FortiSIEM's strategic intelligence transforms threat management. This session unveils advancements that redefine operational and response standards. Gain insight from real-world applications, demonstrating how FortiAnalyzer and FortiSIEM apply AI, showcased by customers. Understand the impact of new features providing precise, actionable insights in crucial moments, boosting response efficiency, delivered by Fortinet experts. Observe how these solutions expedite threat resolution and refine SecOps procedures. 

Attendees will acquire a compelling understanding of the latest advancements that are setting new standards in operational intelligence and threat response.

XDR 101: Masterclass in Cybersecurity 

Explore our customer's transformative journey in endpoint security, which is unique given that they strategically adopted Extended Detection and Response (XDR) ahead of many of their peers. This session will illuminate the college's path to enhanced digital safety and operational efficiency by also partnering with its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). Learn new perspectives and understand the real-life challenges and triumphs related to integrating XDR into an institution's security framework. You’ll also hear about the crucial role of an MSSP in managing and optimizing XDR capabilities, such as correlating security events for automatic incident response. This session is a must-attend for anyone considering embracing XDR. Come join us to hear firsthand about one organization’s experience and get practical takeaways for implementing this solution in your own environment.

Guardians of the Gear: A UK Manufacturer's Journey to Managed Endpoint Security

This session highlights the journey to a stronger endpoint security stance via a managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service, as told by a major manufacturer. We'll delve into their strategies for successful endpoint security implementation, along with the cybersecurity complexities found within the manufacturing industry at large. Learn real-world lessons and strategies about their cybersecurity journey and get expert insights into current cyber threats and defenses.

Cyber Resilience Redefined: 24/7 Threat Detection and Investigation with SOC-as-a-Service 

Discover how Fortinet's 24/7 managed security monitoring and threat investigation offers continuous detection and containment, accelerates incident response, and delivers expert-level security capabilities, effectively addressing crucial cybersecurity needs amidst a complex digital landscape. 

Come learn about how the synergy between these services fortifies real-time threat monitoring. We’ll also explore efficient strategies for implementing this integrated solution, share insights into proactively managing threats with Fortinet services, and talk about how to transform your security operations with practical, actionable tips. 

Accelerating Your SOC: Achieve Greater Efficiency with AI-driven Automation

Too many alerts, too many tools, too little time. Sound familiar? Attend this session to discover how FortiSOAR optimizes SOC operations by integrating with your security infrastructure and IT systems to centralize and automate threat investigation and response. Hear from a leading healthcare provider about their SOC journey and the role that FortiSOAR plays as a cornerstone of their security operations.

Uncovering Evidence of Attacker Behavior on the Network 

Adversary behavior is always evolving, and as attackers can remain hidden for over 250 days, security teams need to shift their focus to proactively hunt for threats on the network. Threat hunting is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

During this session, hear Fortinet customers discuss how FortiNDR Cloud gives SOC teams the edge in finding evidence of attacker behavior while improving the team’s effectiveness. 

Arm Your SOC with Adversary-Generated Threat Intelligence to Reduce False Positives and Provide Higher Quality Detection

We are all focused on improving our detection capabilities, relying on threat intel to identify if we’re being targeted or have already been compromised. But the ability to distinguish true risks from false alerts is a never-ending challenge, always weighing on our security teams.

How do we reduce alert volumes and false positive rates to a minimum? How do we lower detection and response time from about 12 hours to just one 1 minute or even seconds?

Join us for this insight-packed session to hear directly from Fortinet customers and security experts about their hands-on experiences with improving detection times and tuning alerts. Find out how they strengthen their defenses and use threat intelligence to disrupt attacks early, all while minimizing the impact of false positives on SOC efficiency via EASM, dark web monitoring, deception, and other advanced solutions.

Reducing Industrial Risk with the Fortinet OT Security Platform

Attacks on industry and critical infrastructure are increasing as ransomware crews monetize production loss and stoppage as part of their ransom equation, and nation states continue to prepare the battlefield.  Both activities increase risk in industrial networks, and CISOs are being asked to mitigate these risks. In this session, we’ll discuss operational risk, who owns it, how it’s changing industrial security strategies, and best practices to better secure OT infrastructure.  

Accelerating Your Cloud Journey with Fortinet Cloud Consulting Services

To stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations must adopt a cloud security blueprint that includes a comprehensive and measured approach to cybersecurity. Our field experience has proven that lack of awareness and adoption of best practices lead to significant project delays and, in many cases, outages. Fortinet experts use a vendor-agnostic approach to assess existing security posture, report findings, align recommendations to business goals, guide current projects, and plan a future roadmap for deep, native cloud security integration. 

Join us to learn how Fortinet Cloud Consulting Services has helped customers achieve a holistic application and infrastructure security across private and public cloud environments—resilient enough to withstand the continuous changes in the threat landscape.