Q: Who’s invited to the Acceleration Summit 2020?

A: All sales VPs, sales leaders, SE leaders, major account managers, national account managers, channel sales leaders, channel account managers, and SEs who have completed the pre-requisites. 



Q: What are the pre-requisites and when must they be completed?
A:  The following is required in order attend:

  • Sellers must complete NSE 1,2,3 Certification by Feb 22 - before booking flights.
    • NSE 2 - You must have completed the most current version - released after March 28, 2018.
    • NSE 3 - You must complete 4 of the modules in order to be considered fully certified.
  • Sellers must complete their Corporate Sales Compliance Q1-Q2 2019. 
  • All New Sales Hires must be on board by Feb 22, 2019 in order to attend and have completed all pre-requisites prior to the event.  Directors should notify nasko@fortinet.com if there is a question regarding attendance of a New Hire.
  • All Sellers (with the exception of New Hires) must be prepared to share at least 1 Win:   a) How you prospected, researched & gained access.  b) Who/what teams helped support the sale. c) The differentiators that made Fortinet the clear choice.  d) Obstacles you overcame and how.  E) Takeaways and best practices to share.
  • Sales Engineers must be NSE 7 Certified by Feb 22.


Q: What are the dates and location of the Acceleration Summit?

A: The event will begin with an Awards Reception and Dinner on Sunday, 16 February 2020 and conclude on Monday, 17 February 2020.  All attendees of the Acceleration Summit are expected to attend Accelerate 17-19 Feburary, and should plan to arrive on Sunday, 16 February and depart on Thursday, 20 February 2020. The Accleration Summit and Accelerate 2020 will take place at the Barcelona International Convention Centre.


Q: Who gets to stay and attend Accelerate 2020?

A: All Accleration Summit attendees including Sellers and SEs are expected to attend Accelerate 2020. Accelerate 2020 will begin with a Welcome Reception on Monday, 17 Feburary 2020 and conclude with departures on Thursday, 20 February 2020. 


Q: Why are we doing this over the weekend?

A: In order to take advantage of having all of our Fortinet executives participate in the Acceleration Summit, it is occurring immediately prior to the beginning of Accelerate 2020 on Monday, 17 Feburary 2020.



Q: How do I book my travel to Barcelona?

A: You should not book flights until you receive confirmation to do so.  Confirmations will be sent to you the week after registration closes on Feb. 22. At that time, confirmed Accleration Summit attendees must book per company policy and procedure using Concur.


Q: What is the agenda for the Acceleration Summit?

A: See the agenda tab on this site. The agenda is subject to modifications prior to event.


Q: What is the Dress Code for Acceleration Summit/Accelerate?

A: Dress professionally. Business Casual is appropriate. No jeans, tennis shoes or casual clothing.