Full Name
Mark Robson
Job Title
Principal Threat Analyst
Speaker Bio

Robson is currently the senior tactical threat analyst in FortiGuard's managed detection and response team, FortiResponder, based in Canberra.

He works closely with his colleagues in the Middle East and the United States with the aim to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time for their global customers. This gives Australian and New Zealand customers the confidence of a locally managed response that continues to benefit from global resources.

Robson spent a decade in the Royal Australian Air Force before joining FortiGuard, where he studied electrical engineering and eventually specialised in cybersecurity.

In his role as a cyber warfare officer, he led vulnerability assessments in both the deployed and domestic environments and worked as part of the RAAF incident response team investigating intrusions into RAAF standalone systems.

He was team officer-in-charge of the RAAF threat hunting capability, working alongside Five Eyes partners, particularly in the United States, working to develop and share threat hunting tactics, techniques and procedures to support defensive cyber operations.


Mark Robson