Enlightening Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions held each day are designed to broaden your perspective, engage your thoughts and help you improve your security senses. Starting with Fortinet executives, the line-up of speakers will share their expertise and insight on today’s security challenges and tomorrow’s solutions to keep your network secure.

Sr. Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Support
With digital innovation, Cybersecurity has turned into the one of most strategically important issues facing the world, and organisations are set to spend USD $124 billion on it this year alone. You are at the center of this massive trend. As a Cyber Security professional, your role is expanding as an enabler of digital innovation, and as a channel partner, your deep understanding of your market segments has never been so crucial. Patrice Perche, Senior Executive Vice President of Worldwide S...(read more)
Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The convergence of the Operational Technologies (OT) with IT, combined with advances in artificial intelligence (AI), millions of Internet of Things (IoT), and the arrival of 5G are triggering a new era of hyper connectivity between devices, applications, and systems. First and second generation security, cannot meet the needs of these new distributed networks. Hear first-hand why organizations need to move towards a third generation of security that shifts from securing a single perimeter to...(read more)
Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Products
Digital Innovation is causing major disruption across all companies and industries. Disruption creates new opportunities but also, in turn, can increase risk. A Cybersecurity Platform is the only way to manage cyber risk. Fortinet will be unveiling its 2020 Security Fabric along with a host of other industry-leading products and services. John Maddison, CMO & EVP products will talk about key industry trends and how Security-driven Networking technology can scale from secure SD-WAN to Hypersca...(read more)
Chief Information Security Officer
Find out how Fortinet addresses many of the same security challenges you face every day. Benefit from practical experience and lessons learned deploying Fortinet solutions.
Chief, Security Insights & Global Threat Alliances
Fortinet’s Labs gathers threat intelligence from more than 5 million global sensors, analyzing over 100 billion security events per day. Working with industry partners like the Cyber Threat Alliance, NATO, Interpol and others, Fortinet shares the latest threat information to provide the best protection to enterprise organisations across the globe. Hear from industry leaders to learn the latest about the evolving threat landscape and how to create the best defense.