[FTW013] Secure Segmentation and Highly Available Web Application Protection in Public Cloud (AWS)

In a public cloud environment like AWS, organisations are leaning towards multiple-VPC design to provide better segmentation between the different applications. When they want secure connectivity between the different applications and their on-premises network, they also look for a centralized security posture. While VPC peering and VPN connectivity to the on-premises network provide a solution, it gets cumbersome when the number of VPCs and branch offices increase. This drives a need for a solution which can simplify and secure the connectivity between multiple VPCs and on-premises network. Due to the increase in the number of web-based applications in AWS and the shared security responsibility model in the cloud, a scalable Web Application Firewall solution increases customer’s confidence to deploy in public cloud environment. Attend this technical workshop to gain hands-on experience to learn how Fortinet’s integration with Transit Gateway solves the need for secure connectivity between multiple VPCs and how Fortinet’s WAF solution protects customer’s web applications in a highly available manner with in-built fault tolerance that provides tight integration with AWS’s native tools.

Note: Attendees who have pre-registered for this workshop will be held a seat for this session. If you are not registered and would like to participate you may wait to see if any seats become available 5 minutes prior to the workshop start.