[FTW005] Achieve PCI DSS Compliance With FortiWeb

Today, more than ever, businesses are measured by the value of their data. This includes product designs, patents, and corporate financial records. The most critical, and most valuable data, is the confidential information of your customers, including credentials, and credit cards. Secure access, including, transmission, processing, and storage of all of this sensitive data is critical to the success of any business. Failing to protect this information will not only cost a business in direct, immediate losses, but also in fines, legal liabilities, and an erosion of customer loyalty. To assist businesses with protecting this valuable information, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was introduced. PCI DSS standards ensure that all businesses that accept payment card, or other e-commerce, transactions have the tools to securely accept, process, transmit, and store, this information in a secure environment. FortiWeb provides the tools and resources to address many specific requirements of PCI DSS compliance. Not only does FortiWeb provide the basic HTTP/HTTPS firewall functions, but also allows you to address areas such as secure access, data encryption during transmission, sensitive data masking, and vulnerability scanning. Machine Learning helps to ensure your applications are protected from Zero Day threats.

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