[SDN101] Build security-driven hyper scale architectures with Fortinet’s NP7 powered network firewalls. 
Driven by the need to build agile and cost-optimized IT infrastructure that can scale  in line with ever changing needs of application demands, organizations are building hyperscale application delivery architectures. Gartner estimates that by 2025, enterprise data centers will have five times more computational capacity per physical area (square feet) than today. Technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), business intelligence (BI), are driving the need for continued innovation and pushing data center architectures further to their limits. Security need to keep pace, but traditional security appliances that are based on off-the-shelf hardware have become the Achilles' heel to inhibit growth of any business. In this session, you will learn, how enterprises and cloud providers can build security-driven hyper scale architectures with Fortinet’s SPU powered network firewalls to enable protected and optimized E-commerce services and delivery of elephant flows over secure backbones.