Moshe Bensimon
Mr. Moshe Bensimon
Product Management

A seasoned entrepreneur and business executive with over two decades of experience and expertise in IT security, Moshe has consistently established and led global technology management, product development, and sales teams, with a focus on start-ups and scaled organizational growth. During his career, Moshe honed his fundraising and networking skills, building successful partnerships with hundreds of customers worldwide to drive sales. In his role at Fortinet, he leverages his decade-long experience in the Deception market, where he is responsible for product strategy, defining its functional requirements, and managing feature releases for the company’s market-winning ATP and FortiDeceptor product suites. Prior to Fortinet, Moshe held executive management and senior IT positions at leading technology companies, including Co-founder & CEO of TrapX Security, a Deception-based company (acquired by Commvault), CEO of Injection Security, a security consulting firm focused on offensive security (exploit writer, malware analysis), CISO of Dexia Israel Bank, and Hachshara Insurance Company, Israel. He holds a degree in Practical Engineering, Electronics and Networking, from Braude College of Engineering, Israel, and during his service in the Israel Defense Forces, served in the Network & Security branch of the Israeli Air Force.