Fortinet Accelerate is built on the premise that collectively, we can share, grow, and increase our security IQ and better prepare ourselves and our organizations to conquer the constant threats against critical systems and sensitive information.

Attend Accelerate 2022 and gain unique industry insights from Ken Xie, Founder and CEO as he shares his unique vision and thoughts on the technological trends that will shape the future of cybersecurity. You'll also find informative sessions on today’s most challenging cybersecurity threats and how to stop them from influential IT security thought leaders.

Fortinet Accelerate 2022 will be held over three days during the week of March 8, 2022.

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Fortinet Executives


As cloud adoption accelerates, organizations are increasingly reliant on secure cloud solutions and infrastructures. Yet, organizations often end up with a heterogeneous set of technologies in use, with disparate cloud security controls in various cloud environments. Fortinet Adaptive Cloud Security Solutions provide the necessary visibility and control across cloud cybersecurity infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud.

Fortinet’s operating system, FortiOS, is the foundation of the Fortinet Security Fabric, consolidating many technologies and use cases into a simplified, single policy and management framework.

The Fortinet Fabric Management Center combines the FortiManager network management solution and the FortiAnalyzer analytics and log management solution, and streamlines deployment and administration across even the largest security infrastructure.

Digital transformation has changed networks so thoroughly and so rapidly that traditional security tools can no longer provide the consistent security that networks require. Fortinet’s Security-driven Networking is defining a new, third generation of security solutions and strategies designed to meet the security and networking demands of today’s highly dynamic and hybrid networks.

FortiGuard Labs is the threat intelligence platform and research organization at Fortinet. It is comprised of experienced threat hunters, researchers, analysts, engineers, and data scientists. Its mission is to provide customers with the industry’s best threat intelligence platform to protect them from malicious cyberattacks.

An integrated, open ecosystem of security solutions—woven together to scale and adapt as business demands change—enables companies to address the full spectrum of challenges across the expanding attack surface.

Simple, automatic secure remote access that verifies who and what is on your network and secures application access no matter where users are located.