John Wahlen
Mr John Wahlen
Network Security Architect

With a robust 30-year tenure, I am a seasoned technology professional specializing in network infrastructure and security, with a remarkable 20-year proficiency in utilizing Fortinet products. Over the past nine years, I have played a pivotal role within a leading global manufacturing entity, strategically addressing the nuances of regulatory landscapes in China and Europe while overcoming a spectrum of operational challenges.

During this period, I have been at the forefront of the technological evolution within this global company, Dynatect Manufacturing. My responsibilities extend beyond ensuring the security and efficiency of network infrastructures; I have also adeptly navigated the distinctive challenges posed by regulatory frameworks in China and Europe. Through the seamless integration of technological solutions with compliance requirements, I have made substantial contributions to the company's unparalleled success on a global scale.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I'm also a passionate musician, having toured the Midwest and opened for some of the biggest names in the rock scene during my free time.